Partners for Conservation Foundation

The Partners for Conservation Foundation is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization that supports conservation efforts in Des Moines County, including those of Des Moines County Conservation. In addition to supporting major projects, Partners accepts donations of any size to support virtually any conservation effort.

Major Projects


Big Hollow has become one of Southeast Iowa's premier outdoor recreation areas. Through grants and generous donations, the community has already invested millions in this multiuse, family friendly community attraction.

Possible future additions to Big Hollow include:

  • Playground structures and natural playscape area
  • Full-amenity rental cabins

The Flint River Trail is planned to be the largest recreational trail in Southeast Iowa. To make it a reality, we need your help. Whether you can give $5, $500, or $5,000, your help is greatly appreciated and a necessary component to make this trail a reality.

Pledge your support today using the Pledge Form (PDF).


To donate any amount, simply contact Partners for Conservation or click the link below to make an online donation.