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LaVon Worley
Q: How long have you been a DMCC Board member?
A: Since December 2012

Q: Why did you decide to become a DMCC Board member?
A: I wanted to join the board because doing so ties into my work with Leopold Heritage Group, which focuses on preserving and creating wild places where folks can go to nurture their spirits, whether they do that through camping, hiking, hunting, or fishing. And I wanted to support the DMCC staff who do a great job of providing those kinds of opportunities for area residents.

Q: What is the biggest challenge for DMCC?
A: I'm so new to the board that I don't have a solid grasp on all the challenges facing it and the staff. But I would support long-range planning, which would include finishing construction of Big Hollow, the bike trail, and any other current projects before we tackle new building initiatives. Additionally, we need to expedite at least partial payment to the Iowa Heritage Foundation for their assistance in purchasing the Baker property. Finally, we need to continue providing strong support to our staff, especially to whomever comes aboard as the new director.

Q: How has volunteering for DMCC changed your thinking?
A: Has joining the board changed my thinking? Well, yes, because now I'm much better educated regarding all the outdoor opportunities the county offers, and I now have some clue as to the high level of skill and enthusiasm the staff brings to their jobs.

Q: What is your favorite outdoor activity?
A: My wife and I live on the main lake of what used to be Seven Ponds Park. My favorite outdoor activities are birding and boating on the lake with my wife Judy or my grandkids, usually with a fishing pole nearby.

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LaVon Worley
LaVon Worley