Duties & Responsibilities


  1. To develop an effective, efficient, and responsive management system
  2. To increase police-community relationship
  3. To increase job satisfaction for all members of the Des Moines County Sheriff's office
  4. To create a pro-active environment that promotes the safe and effective community in reducing crime

Statement of Values


We believe that effective policing is accomplished by police/community teamwork to identify problems and work together to reduce crime and the fear of it.


We have a responsibility to honor a commitment to involve the citizens in all policing activities that impact their lives.


We will enforce all laws and ordinances, affording respect and understanding to all persons, while safeguarding individual's rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.


We hold ourselves to maintain the highest degree of service, to obey all laws and ordinances, and to serve as role models to our fellow officers and community.


We must constantly strive to maintain dignity and integrity, while establishing a tradition for the future members of the Des Moines County Sheriff's Office.