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An additional resource for Election and Voting information is the Iowa Secretary of State Website.

Information for Candidates

Information for Voters

For more information on receiving a restoration of voting rights from the Governor of Iowa visit the following links or contact the Office of the Governor of Iowa at 515-281-5211.

Restoration of Rights FAQs

Application for Restoration of Rights

ACLU Brochure Regarding a Felon's Right to Vote


The Iowa Secretary of State's Office has developed FREE school curriculum for the Iowa Caucus.

Written by Iowa teachers for Iowa teachers. The curriculum meets the entire Iowa Core for Political Science - Civic Literacy.

The Caucus101 curriculum is easy to use and implement in your classroom. It is a seven-day course. Each lesson plan has three different options to accommodate the amount of instruction time you have. Each day has a 30, 60, or 90 minute plan.

Teachers can use all of the curriculum, or choose some of the curriculum to supplement their current teaching plans.

The website Caucus 101 contains the curriculum, main objectives and the core standards that are covered.

*All information provided above was received from the Secretary of State's Office.

2015 Iowa Caucus - Overview

Additional Links:

Democratic National Committee

Iowa Democratic Party

Republican National Committee

Republican Party of Iowa