Precinct Election Officials

What does a Precinct Election Official Do?

  • Report to Polls 1 hour before opening time
  • Arrange the tables and chairs before the polls open
  • Hang posters and sample ballots
  • Set up the voting equipment
  • Check that persons are qualified to vote
  • Instruct voter how to cast their vote
  • Close the polling place
  • Report the votes after the polls close
  • Complete paperwork and clean up polling area

"Protecting everyone's right to vote and seeing that we as a people are protected against voter fraud is a responsibility not to be taken lightly."

Are you interesting in becoming a Precinct Election Official?

Click on the link to the form below to view additional information and to fill out the required form. Please make sure that you complete the signature line as well. Thank you.

Print out the Precinct Election Official Form and return it to the Des Moines County Auditor's Office.