Erik Murry

Education and professional background 

  • Graduated Lone Tree High School in 2015, then Upper Iowa University in 2018 with a degree in Conservation Management.
  • Worked multiple seasonal positions with the Iowa DNR in many different locations, most recently a joint position between the Iowa DNR and Pheasants Forever at the Otter Creek Wildlife Unit in Chelsea Iowa.
  • Started working for DMCC in January of 2019.

Employed with DMCC since January 2019.

Why did you choose this particular line of work?

I choose this line of work mostly because my passion for hunting and fishing. Without proper management of our natural resources the opportunity that the public would have would be drastically different. With proper management we can continue to pass on the traditions to the next generations of those who are passionate for the outdoors.

What do you like most about your job? 

I like seeing the immediate impacts that you can make. You can turn an area that was practically worthless to wildlife, and just with a little bit of work, make it into habitat that wildlife can use every day.

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Erik Murry

Erik Murry

Natural Resource Manager

Phone: 319-985-2502

Cell: 319-572-6865